Swagbucks LIVE is now Swagbucks Daily Trivia!

Swagbucks LIVE is getting a new look and a new name! Starting after our Wednesday game, the app will officially be known as Swagbucks Daily Trivia! Both of our game modes are still here:

  • Our LIVE games will be known as Daily Trivia Live and will still run Mondays through Thursdays at 8pm ET/5pm PT and Fridays at 3pm ET/12pm PT, and they’ll still have $1,000 Grand Prizes, 9 bonus SB available throughout the game, and 500 SB giveaways!
  • The Daily Trivia Challenge will also remain the same, but with a slightly new look! You still earn SB based on how many questions you get right, you can still play it once a day whenever you want, and it still resets at midnight PT each day!

We’re excited to have a name for the app that reflects the two different types of games you can play. You’ll be able to update your app on version 2.4 on either iOS or Android starting tonight after the game! If you don’t have the app, click here to get it, and follow Swagbucks Daily Trivia on Twitter!